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different kinds of telescopes

Different Kinds of Telescopes for Amateur Astronomers

Since the invention of Optical Telescopes in the early 17 century, inventors have developed many different types of telescopes. Using all the same optical principle of refraction and reflection the different kinds of telescopes for amateur astronomers can be divided into three different categories. Refractors-  telescopes with lenses Reflectors – telescopes with mirrors Catadioptric – […]

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big telescope, telescope vs binoculars

Difference between Telescope and Binoculars

The difference between Binoculars and a classical Telescope is how they are built and in their intended use. The word Binoculars means: two eyepieces, they are of compact design, portable and can be quickly used for viewing. Telescopes are Monoculars: they have one eyepiece, are bulky need a tripod and mounting and are intended for the […]

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best small binoculars

Best small compact binoculars

When in the outdoors the best compact binoculars for hiking, canoeing or hunting might always be useful to have. Pocket binoculars might come handy when watching birds or animals or just scouting the terrain. The best small binoculars should fit into your pocket or backpack without adding much weight or bulk. All binocular manufacturers have different models […]

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best small binoculars

Bushnell Powerview Compact- best small binoculars

When hiking, hunting or backpacking a good pair of compact binoculars can always come in handy. The best small binoculars for outdoors should fit in any pack or pocket without much additional weight or bulk. There are already plenty of things you need for your outdoor adventures, such as provisions, backpack and tent and other […]

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zeiss terra review

Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars Review

With the TERRA ED binoculars, ZEISS delivers quality made in Germany at a great value price.  They are the perfect entry level binoculars into the world of ZEISS binoculars. The Zeiss Terra review of those compact binoculars reveals their hight quality that makes the ED line an ideal outdoor companion perfect for extended hikes in nature. […]

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Binoculars know how

Binoculars Glossary   There are a lot of special terms when it’s about binoculars and optics. Find the most common terminology in this brief binoculars glossary: Eyecups: They ensure the correct distance to the eyepiece. Spectacle wearers correct simple visual defects with the binoculars. The glasses should only be used if the compensation on the […]

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owl birdwatching at dusk with leica binoculars

Leica Noctivid 8×42 Binocular Review

More than a century of experience in optics development at Leica Camera Company makes Leica one of the best binoculars manufacturers in the world. The German made Leica binoculars come at a prize but the quality speaks for itself. With the NOCTIVID binoculars 8×42 and 10×42, Leica introduces two high-quality and extremely durable binoculars. The high-end […]

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sailing ship, marine binoculars

Marine Binoculars

Marine Binoculars Any boat or ship has a pair of good marine binoculars on board, it’s a piece of standard equipment when going out on the ocean. Every sailor or captain will use binoculars regularly be it for spotting obstacles, other ship traffic, search and rescue or observing marine life. Let’s look at the most […]

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ELENKER High Resolution Binoculars, children's binoculars

Children’s binoculars. Best binoculars for kids

Binoculars for children Parents pay attention to their children spending quality time outside playing with friends or enjoying nature. This is healthier for the kids than spending the day in front of the TV or computer and passively consume.  A good pair of children’s binoculars may help to inspire kids for outdoor activities and create curiosity […]

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Bushnell Falcon

Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars Review

Bushnell Falcon Binoculars line are known to be best value binoculars at an affordable price. They are high-performance optics beloved by individuals in sports and recreational pursuits ranging from golfers, hunters to bird-watchers. The very popular bestselling Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars are built to allow users to enjoy activities like bird-watching, wildlife and outdoor activities with a […]

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