Who Invented Binoculars?

who invented binoculars

Like so many things that we take for granted today, binoculars were not invented as binoculars but required many ideas, flashes of inspiration and implementation in practical application by lots of clever people. Who Invented Binoculars? So there is no single person “who invented binoculars”. Throughout history, a number of scholars and engineers have made … Read more

Are The Most Expensive Binoculars The Best?

why are binoculars so expensive

For many people, binoculars appear as fairly simple devices and they all look the same. No wonder that many potential buyers are quite surprised when they notice the enormous price range between budget models and premium ones. But why are binoculars so expensive. How come there can be a price difference of over 2000 dollars … Read more

Bird Watching Tips and Tricks

bird watching

Bird watching is a great hobby. You spend a lot of time out in nature and can find peace and relaxation in it. Also, it has no seasonal or regional restriction, birds can be observed all year round everywhere, be it in your own garden, in the forest, in the mountains or on vacation, everywhere … Read more