Binoculars Care and Maintenance – How To Clean Binoculars

binoculars care, how to clean binoculars

Whether you are a recreational user or professional, good binoculars are an important tool that you want to rely on. Modern quality binoculars are fairly sturdy and the few mechanical parts are usually maintenance-free. Still, a little binoculars care should be taken to reduce wear and tear to the instrument. Maintenance and care of binoculars … Read more

Preventing Lens Fungus and Mold in Binoculars and Telescopes

lens fungus in binoculars

Mold in binoculars and telescopes can do tremendous damage to the lenses or mirrors and will render them unusable sooner or later. Preventing the growth of lens fungus and mold on optical instruments is essential to the performance of the optics. Lens Fungus and Mold in binoculars and telescopes The mold that can appear on … Read more

Binocular Repair Basics, Repairing Binoculars Alignment

Binocular Repair Basics, repairing binoculars alignment

Binoculars are two telescopes linked together that create two separate images. To produce a crisp and perfectly merged 3-dimensional image, the path of the light (optical axis) through lenses and prisms inside the binoculars, needs to be in perfect parallel alignment. This is called “collimated”. Only when the optical axis of the binoculars barrels is … Read more