Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars Review

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The sky on a clear night is always a joy to behold; it’s a vast swathe of the darkest blue strewn with stars that look like diamonds from a great distance. If you want to get a closer look of the skies, you can do it with the help of binoculars and bigger telescopes.

Back in the day binoculars were seen as ocular devices that are portable and only good for travel, and it’s a unit that will only suit beginners. These days more powerful binoculars are produced and made available. Units like Celestron’s Skymaster Giant come with its own tripod adapter and it is deemed as a model that is on par with formidable telescopes.


  • Features Porro prisms with 15X magnification
  • Features 70-mm objective lens for greater light transmission in low light conditions to long-distance views
  • Features multi-coated optics for crisp and clear views
  • Recommended for astronomical/nature viewing
  • Includes protective rubber coating for better grip and handling
  • Includes bigger center focus knob for simple and fast focusing
  • Includes tripod adapter
  • Has lengthier eye relief to make eyeglass wearers comfortable while using the binoculars
  • Includes handy carrying case for secure storage
  • 4 field of view
  • Has IPD Max of 72-mm and IPD Min of 56-mm
  • Has 43 ft. of close focus
  • 32X twilight factor
  • Waterproof
  • Weighs 48 ounces


Celestron’s Skymaster Giant is a unique model that sticks out from the binocular bunch. Its dimensions are incomparable inside its price range while its magnification levels are topnotch once you factor said price. It is perfectly capable of providing bright, crisp images and the model is built from quality materials. The engineers/producers of this particular product have constructed the model in a manner where users can employ them even without the help of a tripod.

Its BaK-4 porro prism and multi-coated optics help enhance vision and provide better greater resolution. Users won’t have to hassle themselves trying to focus the unit thanks to its center focus knob. The subject in your view will not move easily so you can actually see it in a clearer fashion.

The combination of 70-mm objective lenses and 15X magnification supplies great brightness even in low-light conditions and long-distance subjects. The tripod adapter which is an additional attachment part lets the weight of the user’s hand to prop them on the binoculars while it is connected to the tripod. With a tripod attached, users will be able to gaze at the sky minus the hassles of a weighty pair of binoculars.

The rubber coating included in the ensemble safeguards the unit and at the same time, provides better grip so it won’t easily slip out of users’ hands. The model is the ideal unit for individuals who wear eyeglasses because the eyepieces feature a lengthier eye relief and it also comes with foldable eyecups to accommodate the glasses. This is pretty convenient since it makes the transfer from binoculars to uncovered eyes faster and more organized.

In addition, they can be used by both beginner and experienced users. Beginners will appreciate the user-friendly elements of the model while experienced ones will be thankful for its bigger aperture and movability. The dimensions of the model are sufficiently small but it’s still hefty enough.

The device is also water-resistant, which makes it the model to carry during outdoor activities and poor weather conditions. If you happen to encounter some technical issues with the device, you can take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty that the company has granted the model.


Most of the setbacks that customers have encountered about the product had to deal with production and sellers. A few received units that had faulty alignment while some complained about the lack of customer service assistance.


Celestron’s Skymaster is something that is recommended for astronomical views if you happen to be an astronomy enthusiast. It can also show clout on terrestrial views. The model comes with a competitive price and it provides great value for your money.

They are highly recommended for terrestrial viewing and you will witness its advantages over other competing models by watching subjects at a long distance.

It is also a great piece to use for sky viewing. Improved contrast, a large aperture, an affordable price, water-resistant capabilities and the inclusion of a tripod adapter makes this binoculars a must-have.

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