How To Keep Binoculars From Fogging Up 

condensation in binoculars, lens fogging up

Everyone who uses binoculars knows the problem. If you are outside for a while and hold the cold binoculars in front of your eyes, moisture can condense on the cold lenses. The binoculars are fogged up. As long as the condensation is only on the outside of the lens, the problem can be solved very … Read more

How To Get Water Out Of Binoculars?

how to get water out of binoculars

Dropped your binoculars in water? Annoying isn’t it? Are they waterproof? If you’re lucky, your binoculars are O-ring sealed and even filled with an inert gas. Then you have nothing to worry about because O-ring sealed binoculars do not allow moisture to get in even when the binoculars are immersed in water. If not, and … Read more

How Does A Magnifying Glass Work?

how does a magnifying glass work

Binoculars magnify distant objects, that’s the whole point of using binoculars. For this to work, several lenses are required, which must be precisely arranged in binoculars. One of the most important lenses in this system is the objective lens, which functions as a collecting and magnifying lens. But what is a magnifying lens and how … Read more

What Binoculars Does The Army Use?

Binoculars for military use must meet special requirements. At first, you might think of camouflage, but much more important are robustness, durability and performance in all imaginable situations and environments from the desert to the arctic and of course the optical qualities. There are many different kinds of binoculars that are used by the Military, … Read more

What Happens To The Eyes When Looking At The Sun With Binoculars?

Looking at the sun through binoculars or a telescope will fry your eyes in no time and the damage is usually irreparable. NEVER do that without special filters and precautions! The light-bundling properties of the lenses in binoculars amplify and intensify the sun’s energy many times, this can burn structures of the eye, damage the … Read more

What Binoculars Do Professionals Use?

ranger using binoculars

If you’ve been researching binoculars at all, you’ve probably come to the realization that while a majority of consumer binoculars come at an affordable price tag, the kind of binoculars professionals use, seem to be super high-end optics that come with all kinds of amazing features, and an incredibly large price tag to match. This … Read more

What Is A Spotting Scope Used For?

What Is A Spotting Scope Used For?

When it comes to magnification and viewing objects at long distances, there is probably nothing more ubiquitous than the spotting scope. Most individuals nowadays probably have used spotting scopes at some point, even if they weren’t aware of it. For example, in the form of small handheld monoculars, these are nothing more than spotting scopes … Read more

American Made Binoculars

american made binoculars

If you are looking for American made binoculars you might be out of luck. You may be surprised to find out that while there are so many American brands, there really aren’t any binoculars made in the USA. At least not from scratch. Although the U.S. has a multitude of companies selling optical equipment and … Read more

10×42 Binoculars – Compact But Powerful

10x42 Binoculars

Binoculars with the specification 10×42 are among the most popular binoculars. The 10x magnification is strong enough to observe distant objects down to the smallest detail, which is of particular interest to bird watchers, wildlife watchers, and anyone who needs a detailed close-up look at things. The 42-millimeter diameter of the objective lens provides excellent … Read more

How Far Can You See With Binoculars

how far can you see with binoculars

Binoculars magnify distant objects and make them appear closer, revealing more detail. But up to what distance, how far can you see with binoculars? This is a question that is asked a lot, mostly by people who don’t have much experience using binoculars. How far you can see with binoculars depends on what you are … Read more