American Made Binoculars

Are there american made binoculars

If you are looking for American made binoculars you might be out of luck. You may be surprised to find out that while there are so many American brands, there really aren’t any binoculars made in the USA. At least not from scratch. Although the U.S. has a multitude of companies selling optical equipment and … Read more

How Far Can You See With Binoculars

how far can you see with binoculars

Binoculars magnify objects that are far away and let them appear close so that details can be seen. A frequently asked question in this context, mostly from binoculars novices or from people who have not much experience with using binoculars or telescopes, is the question “how far can you see with binoculars”. Further below I … Read more

How Optical Lenses Work – Reducing Optical Errors

how optical lenses work

Optical instruments, be it binoculars, telescopes, or microscopes, work through a collection of optical lenses and clever use of the various optical properties of the different lens shapes and the different material properties of optical glass types and their surface coatings. But how does a lens work? An optical lens is a more or less … Read more

How To Adjust Binocular Diopter

diopter adjustment

Binoculars consist of two parallel telescopes, hence the name “binocular” which refers to “binocular vision” which means “seeing with two eyes”. Most people do not have the same eyesight in both eyes and see differently sharp. The eyes have different refractive power (diopters). Even the best binoculars require that in order to see properly and … Read more

Binoculars Buying Guide – FAQ

When buying binoculars, you have two options. You can opt for cheap binoculars that may be good enough for occasional observation of distant stuff. Or you can buy high-quality binoculars that are far superior in terms of performance and durability. Although very good binoculars are expensive, they are a one-time purchase that lasts a lifetime. … Read more

What Is The Binoculars Housing Made Of

binoculars housing

The optical elements, which are essential for the functioning of binoculars, are accommodated in the housing. Most occasional users don’t think twice about the binoculars’ housing as long as the instrument is working. However, a precisely manufactured housing, which protects the optical components and ensures the correct and stable position of all assemblies relative to … Read more

How To Evaluate Binoculars Quality

If you are about to buy new binoculars, you should first set a few purchase criteria that will help you find the right model among the large selection of different models. Basic criteria should always be, the area of application, the size/magnification of the binoculars, as well as the price range. There are not many … Read more

Types of Binoculars

types of binoculars

Buying binoculars should be a well-considered decision so that the new pair of binoculars does not become a disappointment. There are many types of binoculars available in different sizes, for different areas of application with different properties and optical performance. The prices are also very different. If you want to buy binoculars, you have to … Read more

What Do The Numbers On Binoculars Mean

what do the numbers on binoculars mean

The numbers on the binoculars and what they mean can be confusing for the layperson. However, if you want to buy binoculars, it is important to know what do the numbers on binoculars mean and how they affect other binoculars’ parameters. For example – What Does 10×42 In Binoculars Mean This refers to magnification and … Read more

Who Invented Binoculars?

when were binoculars invented

Like so many things that we take for granted today, binoculars were not invented as binoculars but required many ideas, flashes of inspiration, and implementation in practical application by lots of clever people. Who Invented Binoculars? So there is no single person “who invented binoculars”. Throughout history, a number of scholars and engineers have made … Read more