How Do Binoculars Work – Binoculars Parts And Their Function

how do binoculars work

Binoculars are great tools to observe distant objects and as such are used in search and rescue, hunting, marine, bird watching, astronomy… the uses are unlimited. But how do binoculars work, what are the essential parts of binoculars and how do they work together? How Do Binoculars work Binoculars magnify an observed image with the … Read more

Optical Glass For Binoculars – What Is ED Glass?

Optical Glass For Binoculars - What Is ED Glass

In binoculars and optical instruments, the use of the right glass is crucial to the quality of the produced images. High-quality and specially processed glass prevents light scattering, unwanted reflections and color fringing caused by different refraction of light of different wavelengths. Which glass do you need for binoculars? Glass consists of a great percentage … Read more

Porro Prism vs Roof Prism – Whats Their Function In Binoculars?

Porro Prism

There are different types of prisms used in binoculars. One design uses Porro Prisms, the other Roof Prisms. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, features and characteristics. And what are the prisms for anyway? But what is the function of prisms in binoculars? Prism binoculars work according to the Kepler telescope principle. Telescopes … Read more

What Is The Binoculars Lens Coating For?

What Are Binoculars Lens Coatings For?

Every time when a beam of light travels from one medium into another the beam of light is bent (refracted). An observation you have probably wondered about as a child when putting a straw in a glass of water.  When light is traveling through an optical instrument the optical glass of binoculars reflects, refract and … Read more

How Are Binoculars Rated, Binoculars Buying Guide

how are binoculars rated

If you are relatively new to binoculars and how binoculars work, you need to learn what the numbers stand for, what the different features are and how all this sets the different binoculars apart. Here are the basics about binoculars explained and how are binoculars rated. When choosing a particular pair of binoculars, study its … Read more

Monocular vs. Binoculars -Whats the difference?

monocular vs. binoculars

Going hiking, backpacking, canoeing or just taking your dog for a walk in the woods. When out in nature there may always be interesting stuff to observe.  A good pair of small binoculars or a monocular can always be useful to take a closer look at some birds or other wildlife or just to scout interesting stuff … Read more

Fog and Waterproof Binoculars Advantages

waterproof binoculars

Fog and waterproof binoculars are perfect for anyone who has to deal with really bad weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, and high humidity environments such as jungle or on the ocean. Waterproof binoculars guarantee functionality in virtually any weather condition. The water and fog proofing not only protects them against rain but against any kind of … Read more

Binoculars Care and Maintenance – How To Clean Binoculars

binoculars care, how to clean binoculars

Whether you are a recreational user or professional, good binoculars are an important tool that you want to rely on. Modern quality binoculars are fairly sturdy and the few mechanical parts are usually maintenance-free. Still, a little binoculars care should be taken to reduce wear and tear to the instrument. Maintenance and care of binoculars … Read more

Preventing Lens Fungus and Mold in Binoculars and Telescopes

lens fungus in binoculars

Mold in binoculars and telescopes can do tremendous damage to the lenses or mirrors and will render them unusable sooner or later. Preventing the growth of lens fungus and mold on optical instruments is essential to the performance of the optics. Lens Fungus and Mold in binoculars and telescopes The mold that can appear on … Read more

Telescopes for Children, finding a good telescope for kids

good telescope for kids

The universe has always inspired the imagination of the people. What kind of secrets is the universe hiding? Will we ever be able to travel to faraway planets? Especially children are fascinated by the almost infinite vastness of the universe and its great secrets. A good telescope for kids may encourage them in their desire to explore the … Read more