Glossary Binoculars Terminology


Binoculars Glossary There are a lot of special terms and lingo when it comes to binoculars and telescopes. Understanding the technical terms helps to understand how binoculars work and to assess the quality of optical instruments. Find the most common terminology in this brief binoculars glossary: Aberration These are errors that occur in optical systems … Read more

Binocular Repair Basics, Repairing Binoculars Alignment

Binocular Repair Basics, repairing binoculars alignment

Binoculars are two telescopes linked together that create two separate images. To produce a crisp and perfectly merged 3-dimensional image, the path of the light (optical axis) through lenses and prisms inside the binoculars, needs to be in perfect parallel alignment. This is called “collimated”. Only when the optical axis of the binoculars barrels is … Read more