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Binoculars for children

Parents pay attention to their children spending time outside and not just spend the day sitting in front of the TV or computer and passively consume.  A good pair of binoculars may help to inspire children for outdoor activities and create curiosity and interest for wildlife and nature.

Whether it’s bird or nature watching, spotting wildlife or sports – it is very important that you select the correct binoculars for your child. Most binoculars are made specifically for adults, so it is not easy to find binoculars which are suitable for children.

What to look for in binoculars for children?

Eye Distance

The Eye Distance or “Interpupillary Distance”  refers to both the distance of the two eyepieces in the binocular and the distance of the pupil in humans. This distance is always adjustable in binoculars, there is a minimum and a maximum value. It is important that the minimum pupil distance of the binoculars is less than or equal to the distance of the child’s eye’s.

Magnification and Objective Lens Size

Large magnification is not always best for kid’s.  Actually, the lower the magnification, the better the child is able to deal with binoculars, because high magnification binoculars require a calm and steady hand.  Magnification of 8x or below are most suitable for children binoculars.

Opt for binoculars with a wide field of view

The lower the magnification the wider becomes the field of view.  Binoculars with higher magnifications have a more zoomed in and much narrower field of view, requiring a calm hand. Again if your stay below a magnification of 8x then the field of view will be more suitable for children and it’s easier to handle the binoculars.


Buying quality kid’s binoculars is important, not only in terms of robustness.  Cheap binoculars may smell of plastic and could be made of hazardous materials. Rely on well-known brands when purchasing binoculars for children.

Final Thought

Remember, toy binoculars are just that: Toys, they may not be really suitable for outdoor activities.  If you want to get your child curious about nature and the world of wildlife watching,  get a good pair of binoculars that meets the same requirements as an regular pair of binoculars.





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