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best small binoculars

When hiking, hunting or backpacking a good pair of compact binoculars can always come in handy. The best small binoculars for outdoors should fit in any pack or pocket without much additional weight or bulk. There are already plenty of things you need for your outdoor adventures, such as provisions, backpack and tent and other camping equipment. However, binoculars are a useful companion when in such adventures, for example when watching animals or scouting the terrain. Binocular manufacturers have a range of compact binoculars on offer, leaving it to you to find the best small binoculars for your outdoor activities.

One of the best small best binoculars under 50 dollars, that is lightweight and for general purpose is the Bushnell Powerview Compact Binoculars line. They fold down to a tiny size, weight hardly more than 10 ounces, come in magnifications from 8x to 16x and perform well under daylight conditions. The favorable price makes them a bestseller under the compact binoculars.

Features of the best small binoculars from Bushnell

  • Has Fully-coated optics providing a brighter view
  • Features Non-slip rubber covering to prevent slippage and soak up shock while offering great grip
  • New contemporary styling
  • Fold-down eyecups and center focus system
  • Lens Coating: Fully
  • Prism System: Roof, Prism Glass: BK-7
  • Not water/fog proof
  • N0 tripod adapter


Bushnell’s PowerViewv Compact line has a sufficient range of magnification levels. Realy compact and very light is the 8×21 model weighing only 7 ounces. Magnification steps up to 10x, 12x to the strongest, the 16×32 model weighing nearly twice that.  These magnification options let you choose the best small binoculars to provide the level of detail that you need.  If you need plenty of detail, for occasional bird watching choose the 16×32 binoculars.

Coated Porro prisms and BK-7 lenses provide acceptable twilight performance and reduce optical aberration. However, brightness and light transmission, can not compete with more expensive binoculars.

The Bushnell’s compact line model’s outsides are covered with a non-slip rubber providing safe handling and it acts as a shock absorber in case the device gets dropped by accident. For better storing, the eyecups are foldable.

The Center focus system allows you to quickly adjust the view and sharpen in on the object you viewing.

Generally, compact binoculars have the advantage that the observer does not tire so fast. Their lightweight construction provides the advantage of not tiring so easy in case of extended observations. No need to lean against a steady object, as holding with one hand is often sufficient for observation.

Compact binoculars are also the best small binoculars for children as their size is well suited for small faces and the low weight makes it easy for children to handle them.

As with most Bushnell binoculars, a neck strap and a carrying case are included with the PowerView Compact line. The company provides also a limited lifetime warranty which shows customers that the company has the utmost trust in their products.


Unfortunately, the Powerview Compact models do not handle extreme weather conditions well. Even, they are made from quality materials they are not fog-proof and waterproof. If you depend on the advantages of waterproof binoculars on your outdoor adventures then have a look at compact hunting binoculars. One affordable model there is the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD maybe this would be the best small binoculars for you. It is a very compact and 100% waterproof binoculars.

Keep in mind that even the best small binoculars can not offer the same features as regular binoculars. In order to be of such compact dimensions, the lenses are smaller, this results in a smaller field of view, as well as magnification, is reduced.

Verdict of Bushnell Powerview Compact Binoculars

These are a great pair of binoculars from a reputable manufacturer. Bushnell is a sound, trusted brand and users will get to see the reason why their products are bestselling.

The Powerview Compact comes at an affordable price with the budget conscious customer in mind. But be aware that if you need more tough and durable binoculars that resist bad weather conditions, you be better to spend a bit more and get a waterproof compact birdwatching binocular.

Otherwise, the Powerview Compact Models will do fine as general purpose binoculars. They are a convenient model to have handy when there is a need to observe something in the distance. As for the price, they are a great value option binocular for the occasional user.

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