ELENKER High Resolution Binocular 30 x 60 Review

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Birds can be kind of difficult to focus on because they are fast-moving creatures. If you are fond of this particular hobby, you need a pair of binoculars that are specially made for such pursuits. The best binocular model for bird watching enthusiasts has elements like great grip, portability, user-friendliness and said model from ELENKER should not spell trouble for the eyes.

Binoculars that do more harm than good on your eyes are an unwise investment so you have to choose one that’s not only kind to your eyes, but to your pocket. Elenker’s High Resolution Binocular for travel, sports and bird watching is something that we think you should check out.

ELENKER High Resolution Binocular 30 x 60


  • Offers 30X magnification and objective lens diameter of 22-mm
  • Features line field of 126-m/1000-m and eyepiece diameter of 15-mm
  • Features field view of 7.2. degrees
  • Weighs 200 grams
  • Recommended for outdoor activities like hunting, camping and bird watching
  • Compact, light and portable
  • Features day and night vision
  • Coated optics
  • InstaFocus component for faster focusing


The Elenker High-Resolution model is light and compact thus users will not have any problems toting the binoculars around. Because of its portability, it is recommended for those who engage in outdoor activities that need scrutiny from longer distances. It weighs only 200 grams and this includes the packing. It also includes a neck strap so you won’t have to carry it by hand and instead, let it hang around your neck if not in use.

As for its optics, the binocular is capable of magnifying images for up to 30 times. This provides users the freedom to look at their subjects in detail from a greater distance. Birdwatchers are not the only individuals who can benefit from this unit; folks who are into watching concerts or gigs, sports events and other outdoor occasions which require the need of observing from afar will surely appreciate this handy model.

A binoculars’ magnification power is crucial; higher magnification power offers a wider coverage, but keep in mind that as the views get further up, the field of view will be narrower or the subject itself can become dimmer and more obscure.

The bigger aperture it offers also makes for better light transmission, which then leads to clearer, sharper images with excellent contrast. While it cannot be employed in totally dark areas, the model can still be used in the evenings and surroundings with insufficient lighting. Its fully-coated optics also contributes to the overall brightness that the model brings to the table.

It has fully coated optics for increased brightness. For rapid focusing, the ELENKER High Resolution 30 x 60 binoculars has the Instafocus lever to fine-tune the focusing system. This is a great feature especially to capture fast-moving objects.

In terms of storage, the whole package includes a storage case plus a clean cloth to maintain the spotlessness of the binoculars. The addition of a storage case will keep the unit free from dirt build-up, nicks and abrasions and after each use, you can wipe the binoculars clean with the handy cloth.

Prices are an important aspect for all customers. You have to get something that will offer plenty of value for your money. Keep in mind that economy or low-priced binoculars can forego several important aspects that make advanced binoculars effective.

Models like this one from Elenker are very affordable. For the price, it provides a decent image clarity. It not like any of the top-notch, more expensive models like a Zeiss Noctivid, but for the budget-conscious who’s into birds, this particular model will surely win you over due to its cost-effective price.


Though it has its very good points, keep in mind those are very cheap binoculars. It’s not waterproof and not fog proof. The  30X requires a steady hand, something kids may get frustrated over. It gave off a strong plastic smell for quite a while when unpacked.

Verdict Elenker Binoculars

If you are a bird-watcher on a budget and you need a cheap pair of reasonably good binoculars, you may appreciate the workings of Elenker’s High-Resolution Binocular for a while. This ELENKER Binoculars is great for outdoor activities that do not need the advantages that most high-end binoculars provide.

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