Merytes 10×25 Portable High Definition and Blue Film Binoculars Review

Merytes 10x25 Portable High Definition and Blue Film Binoculars Review

Merytes Portable High Definition and Blue Film Binoculars is a  small pair of all-around binoculars that satisfies bird watching and sports enthusiasts due to their handiness and clear and distinct views. Hikers and trekkers, concert-goers, sports fans as well as defense forces and the police use it.

Compact Binoculars Merytes Portable High Definition and Blue Film

Features of the Merytes Portable High Definition and Blue Film

  • Constructed from quality, top-grade metal aluminum alloy for durability
  • Weighs at a compact 0.2 kilograms
  • Specially-designed skid-proof hand wheel for better adjustments
  • Optical glass lens includes FMC blue film for sharper, clearer images, wide field of vision and minimal color difference
  • Multi-layered optics offer greater light transmission for improved viewing on poorly-lit surroundings
  • Features 10X, 1000-m offers wider vision
  • Portable and lightweight, ideal for outdoor activities
  • The whole package includes binoculars, 1 glass cleaning cloth, 1 wide sling and bag
  • 1-year warranty


The Merytes Portable High Definition and Blue Film binoculars feature glass lens with FMC blue film to provide users a clearer, more precise view of their subjects and minimal color unevenness. A wider view means more light will be capable of passing through thus leading to significantly colored images even in locations with inadequate lighting.

It features the right visibility hand wheel which balances the differences between the user’s eyes. This is a control lever that is designed into the eyepiece’s right barrel which lets users get rid of the parallax. As soon as it’s adjusted, the right and left barrels must remain in appropriate settings next to each other.

Focusing the unit actually involves a 2-part procedure; firstly, the user had to modify the focusing wheel, then turn the right eyepiece until the image that comes into view becomes sharp. The unit includes a user’s manual so getting the hang out of the model will not pose a problem that much. Users who wear glasses are also accommodated; they can roll unit’s eyecups back to decrease the distance between the eyes and the eyepiece for an enhanced field of view.

The distinctive hand wheel of this Merytes model is crafted from a quality rubber material which is designed to be skid-proof, it makes adjusting and focusing easy and helps to create clearer, sharper images. To better define the image, simply rotate the hand wheel and you’re good to go.

The Merytes’ Portable High Definition and Blue Film binoculars is a light and portable model which is ideal for traveling. This high-definition blue film model weighs at a mere 0.2 kilograms and it built from first-rate metal aluminum alloy, compact enough to be toted anywhere the user goes. The model was also provided with a removable neck strap so users won’t have to carry the binoculars around by hand.

A carrying case is included in the whole package to maintain the safety and security of the device if not in used. In addition, it also includes a cleaning cloth so users can wipe the binoculars down afterward and keep them free from dust and dirt.

This is a device that recommended occasional birdwatching, for watching all goings-on in concerts, sporting events and theater plays. It a hardworking pair of binoculars ideal for subject less than 300 yards away and through its multi-layered lens coating provides significantly enhanced clarity for a budget price.


Merytes’ High Definition and Blue Film binoculars eye lenses may need a little getting used to as they are a bit small.

The Merytes Binoculars tubes are not completely covered by a rubber coating. While the parts where users manage the barrels have a rubber covering, the majority of the unit is not designed with it. The lack of rubber material makes the binoculars vulnerable to shock if dropped by accident.

The unit is not waterproof or fog proof. While it is meant for outdoor use, you can’t exactly take it to places with constant rainy weather or any location with moist climate or unpredictable weather conditions.

Verdict of the Merytes 10×25 compact binoculars

The Portable High Definition and Blue Film binoculars from Merytes are reasonably-priced, which makes it a sure-go for budget-conscious individuals.

It has a low price yet practical and efficient and makes them a good purchasing decision in case you want to use it for bird watching and sports events. However, if you intend on using your binoculars for activities like hunting or hiking, it is better if you opt for waterproof compact binoculars.
Have a look at the Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32, a great outdoor compact binoculars which at the moment sells for a reduced price on Amazon.

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