Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars Review

zeiss terra review

With the TERRA ED binoculars, ZEISS delivers quality made in Germany at a great value price.  They are the perfect entry level binoculars into the world of ZEISS binoculars. The Zeiss Terra review of those compact binoculars reveals their hight quality that makes the ED line an ideal outdoor companion perfect for extended hikes in nature. If on a demanding mountain tour, out for a hunting adventure, or a birdwatching excursion the ZEISS Terra binoculars proof to be robust and reliable.

The ZEISS Terra review of the six ED models

TERRA ED Pocket 8×25

Compact, functional, collapsible design and only 11 ounces make this Zeiss and everyday companion.

TERRA ED Pocket 10×25

This compact pocket model features a stronger ocular lens for some extra magnification and more detailed viewing. (available UK only)


These ZEISS binoculars provide crisp clear images. With ist compact size and only 18 ounces, it is suitable for active nature observers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

TERRA ED 10×32

The 10×32 model with its 10x magnification provides a more detailed image when viewing distant objects.


 The ideal outdoor all-round binoculars providing a clear high-resolution image even when light becomes a bit dimmer. Still, of compact build and a weight of 24 ounces, it is a robust and reliable binoculars when active in nature.

TERRA ED 10×42

If magnification is what’s needed the TERRA ED 10×42 is the best binoculars.  Detailed accurate images at long distances even in difficult light conditions make this these Zeiss binoculars the first choice for birdwatchers and hunters.

Features of the Terra ED 10×42

  • Schmidt–Pechan prisms of high-quality Schott ED glass
  • Magnification 10x
  • Objective lens 42mm for greater light transmission in low light conditions
  • Twilight factor 20.5
  • Exit pupil 4.2
  • Diopter adjustment, right ocular base +/- 3 dpt
  • IPD from 57.5 to  76.0 mm
  • Angular view 6.3
  • Field of view 120 yards/1000 yards
  • Closest focusing distance: 5 ft
  • Features multi-coated optics for crisp and clear views
  • Recommended outdoor/nature viewing
  • Rubber coating protects and provides better grip and handling
  • Big center focus knob for smooth and fast focusing
  • Waterproof, nitrogen filled
  • Weighs only 24 ounces

Using the Zeiss Tera ED

The TERRA ED 10 x 42 is in its price class one of the best binoculars. It weighs little, fits easily in every pack, is very robust and virtually indestructible. Use it on long journeys, outdoors, hunting, in the mountains, in marine environments or even in the city or at the race track.

Best Schott glass hydrophobic multicoated lenses provide excellent pictures with the finest details in natural colors. Distant objects and landscapes can be viewed sharply and in great detail. Even in diffuse light conditions, in haze or rain, the view remains perfect, making the Zeiss binoculars ideal for bird and nature observers.

The visual field is located at 120 yards at 1000 yards in the upper mid-range area. The feature of short distance observation at only about 5 feet makes viewing of a small object like insects a pleasure.

Thanks to a large, easy-to-grip focusing wheel, changing the scenery and adjusting the focus to a clear and sharp image is swift.

The compact and ergonomic design offers a high degree of user-friendliness, including the low weight of 24 ounces without causing fatigue in the arms. The integrated +/- 3 diopter compensation and generous eye distance allows relaxed viewing experience even with glasses.

High-quality workmanship shows, all parts are precisely positioned and moving parts are made with great care and move smoothly. The housing is made of glass fiber reinforced materials and is resistant to moisture thanks to a rubber coating. The waterproof binoculars interior is nitrogen filled, to meet the high demands of outdoor enthusiasts not having to worry in poor weather conditions.

For defects in workmanship or materials, Zeiss provides a limited lifetime warranty.

Verdict of the ZEISS TERRA ED

The Zeiss Terra 10×42 ED Binoculars is a great value for money entry level binoculars into the premium binoculars class. The brilliant color reproduction and the contrast of the images are convincing. In any light conditions,  as well as in difficult twilight, the ED performs well. A low weight modern design characterizes the device.

The Zeiss Terra review of those compact Zeiss models shows they are great quality binoculars. Good for any weather and conditions, never mind where in the outdoors be it hiking, hunting or boating.  I would choose the  Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 binoculars.

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